Dog House

by Missing Twin

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I wrote these songs and then recorded them with Conor at a house that i'm dog sitting at and then he did things to make the songs better the dog was also there and her name is midge


released July 25, 2013

Missing Twin/Sami Martasian: guitar, vocals, whatever

Conor Curran : backup vocals, lil bit of guitar, production

Midge: dog noises, the subtle sound of conor's knees being licked



all rights reserved


Missing Twin Boston, Massachusetts

Missing Twin is Samantha Martasian.
Low-Fi Anti-Folk

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Track Name: Daedalus
in pictures he's much bigger, not even size is the same
falling through the hole that i punched in my brain
my brother moved across the ocean
to find himself alone
my mother only talks to the cat
she thinks no one else is home

rome wasn't built in a day
but i can't stop tryin' anyway
my ambition outweighs my talent
and art is just a dirty habit
no body ever talks about deadalus
he buried his only son
i spend my days inside now
like him
i'm afraid of having fun
Track Name: Rabbit Feet
you are the mirage
that haunted alexander's troops
i've been walkin' in the dessert for a while
but i can't get close enough to you

if i die tonight in my stupid girly room
i hope i come back as a spot of paint on your only pair of shoes
i was swallowing my own blood all night
but i didn't notice
i was distracted
by the way the light touches you with purpose

when i was in second grade
i thought that good luck could be made
with a pair of fuzzy fake rabbit feet
and that's the way it feels when you are close to me

like for the first time in my life i'm lucky
Track Name: We Could Disappear Too
you got that tattoo
when your grandma died last year
on the family farm
secretly you were terrified
you'd forget her nickname if it wasn't
stuck on your arm

you wake up in the middle of your coach bus routine
and you say a prayer to nana that the station is closer than it seems

but if every prayer was answered, you wouldn't be here all along

and your frightened teenage mother
would have really just read that first test
Track Name: Bug Song
i saw a beetle on it's back
i don't know how it got like that
my angry lover won't take me back
i feel like that beetle on it's back

i saw a cat by the side of the road
flattened by a heavy load
i left home i got no where to go
i wish i was a cat by the side of the road

my friend's horse got a broken leg
can't do nothin for him but sit and pray
i lost my will and i lost my way
can't do nothing for me but sit and pray

and oh
it's been a long year
and oh
why did i stay here

cleopatra's heart keeps changin' hands
long way from home, without any friends
my heart keeps on changin' plans
i'm a long way from home i don't want any friends