Two Demos

by Missing Twin

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two demos recorded on my dumb computer


released December 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Missing Twin Boston, Massachusetts

Missing Twin is Samantha Martasian.
Low-Fi Anti-Folk

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Track Name: Wet Dreams of Destruction
my wet dreams of destruction only ever feature you
appearing as a lion that breaks me in two

i don't ask the question because i don't want the answer
like when my first dog was dying of cancer
always said i'd take her to the vet later
acted surprised when she died last summer

cus if there's something wrong, how the fuck can i stop it?
i'm barely strong enough to stay out of the cockpit
of one of those crashes that you see on the tv
"a selfish suicide" is what they'll all be calling me

as i tumble closer back to the earth
start to wonder which twist of fate would be worse
stay alive and hurt the people that i love?
or end it now and keep them guessing what i died of?

i know loneliness can't really kill me
but it's still hard to trust that love will ever thrill me
and not leave me standing naked and alone
begging into a gas station telephone
"baby please, just one more try
you're the only reason i don't really wanna die"
romance is a joke that i don't get
can't out live the cheapest pack of cigarettes

i know that no one's really listening
i'll leave all my best songs unwritten
or you can put them together on a cassette
so the hip kids can pretend that they "get it"
when i'm dead